Sage Recruitment

Need talent in your organisation? Let us find it for you.

Sage Recruitment is a fully-fledged recruitment agency specialising in placing payroll, HR, IT and finance talent. Whether you need contract or permanent staff, we’ll find them for you.

Exceptional service starts with exceptional people.

Our employees are our number one asset. We recruit the best, and we retain only the best of the best.

Let us help you do the same. After all, our employees are our greatest asset, entrusted by us with our primary responsibility … taking care of our customers.

Why use us?

We’re HR and payroll system specialists! So we understand this sector intimately.

Sage Recruitment has the knowledge to find the extraordinary amongst the ordinary. We don’t just place people; we offer you a customised, comprehensive recruitment solution to suit both your and the candidate’s needs.

We start with a thorough needs analysis of each vacant position. Then we match candidates with the right qualifications, experience and skills – candidates that fit both the job and the culture of your business.

We offer a full range of recruitment services

Sage Recruitment offers you a full range of recruitment services:

  • Placement of permanent personnel
  • Placement of contract personnel
  • Competency-based interviewing of applicants
  • Assessment of applicants at our comprehensive payroll assessment centre. Read more.
  • Assessment of your current employees and candidates from other sources for a nominal fee.
  • Extensive screening and illicit-activity checks of all candidates.